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Choosing when to hold your portrait session is a hot topic. In fact, the question is asked so frequently, I’ve decided to write an entire post about it to benefit us both! 🙂 There are pros and cons to shooting during every season of the year. Remember, a lot depends on your personal schedule, sports, school activities, family needs, etc. Let’s get to it!

SPRING (April & May)

spring, portraits, laura matthews, seniors, family, photography

I begin my shooting sessions in mid April once the grass is green and there’s growth on the trees. Spring blooms also make for lovely touches of color. I love spring for the lower humidity and (most of the time) lower temperatures. I even have some “still official juniors” schedule their portraits in late spring to beat the rush! Current seniors who shoot their sessions in the spring are often grateful they waited until closer to graduation time to shoot their portraits. Spring is a bit less busy for me as opposed to fall, so availability is usually great if you book by the end of February. If you don’t have a preference for season, I often suggest spring!

PROS: Cooler weather, greater chance of photographer availability, great for fall or winter athletes

CONS: Spring rain. Flexibility is a MUST, especially in late April or May.

SUMMER (June, July, August, early September)

summer, portraits, laura matthews, seniors, family, photography

Summer is a popular time for my seniors who are athletes or are super busy during the school year. Seniors typically have more flexibility in their schedule during the summer months. However, summer sessions are HOT in Central Virginia and pop-up storms can be an issue, therefore I do not have as many openings available. If it’s particularly hot and humid, I will often reschedule to another date. Hazy, hot, and humid days are not fun. Sweat and frizzy hair do not lend to flattering portraits. I want you to look your best, so being able to be flexible for summer portraits is a must. If you’re looking for a unique location, I often travel during the summer months and sometimes shoot portraits at my destinations. If you’re interested in destination portraits, get in touch for dates early!

PROS: No need to schedule around school, green and lush portraits

CONS: Heat and humidity, summer thunderstorms, great need for flexibility, limited number of available dates

NOTE: Beginning in 2023, summer session dates will be available on a very limited basis. Additional dates in spring and fall will be available.

FALL (October & November)

fall, portraits, laura matthews, seniors, family, photography

Fall is by far my busiest time of the year and for great reasons! Not only is the weather cooler and humidity lower, but the beautiful fall colors are stunning in portraits. Scheduling for fall begins early and my calendar fills quickly. Not only is fall popular for my seniors, but also for my families who want portraits in time for the holidays. If you know you want a fall session during prime fall color, I recommend booking at least 6 months in advance. In Central Virginia, prime fall color is typically very late October to mid-November. Also keep in mind that it gets darker earlier in the fall months. My sessions take place in the few hours just prior to sunset, so a two-hour, late fall session could begin as early as 1:30pm.

PROS: Cooler weather, less humidity, beautiful fall color!

CONS: Scheduling around sports, must book further in advance, and earlier session start times.

I hope this is helpful! Have more questions? Get in touch! I’m currently booking sessions through November!

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