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Sentimental Senior and Family Photographer based in Glen Allen, VA

meet laura

I reflect often about how I got to where I’m at today as a photographer and a business owner. It’s crazy to think I was a wife and mom with a beloved camera working 12 hour hospital shifts as a RN, who questioned “Could I actually do this, too? Could I eventually leave the hospital? Would this support my family?” The answer was YES! Being a photographer wasn’t ever in my plans and that’s the true beauty of it!

Being creative is therapeutic for me. As a fairly shy and sensitive girl, I’ve leaned on my artwork to bring me peace and satisfaction. I’ve come out of my shell in an awkward, self-depreciating, but humorous way. 🙂 Photography has taught me to say NO to things that don’t feel right, but say YES to the scariest of challenges.

Over the years I’ve “hustled” and now loathe the word. I’ve felt the weight of being a sole owner/artist, had my work and “job” scrutinized by those I thought supported me. Man, that was rough. But all of the hard stuff was beneficial and has led to where I sit in year 12. The last couple of seasons I’ve been able to slow down and focus on serving my clients in a way that’s peaceful, but where my calendar still fills a couple of seasons in advance. What a blessing!

Photography has brought me the dearest friends. It’s taken me across the country to dip my feet in the Pacific and allowed me to shoot at my favorite spots along the Atlantic Coast. It’s taken me to military homecomings, impending loss of beloved family pets, last portraits before a big move, and to the hospital bedside of grieving parents. It’s allowed me to capture your milestones, which I hope you feel are just as important to me as they are to you.

There’s nothing to describe the feeling of knowing your portraits are now on display in over a thousand households. Or that your images are prized possessions. The honor doesn’t escape me. Ever. Thank you.

So if you’ve been following this journey for a while, I thankful for you. I’m grateful you’re part of my 12th year and I’m looking forward to all that lies ahead.

senior, richmond, glen allen, laura matthews, high school, downtown, rustic, classic

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"The photos definitely represent the best version of myself and give me a great boost of confidence..."

-Abigail, LMP Senior

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-Beth, Family Client and Mom to two LMP Seniors

" Laura was easy to work with, flexible, and so artistic. Working with her was a great experience..."

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-Amanda, Stepmom to LMP Senior, Ayrin

" I hope I get to work with you again someday. You are truly talented..."

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"Laura went out of her way to make sure my daughter felt comfortable and to ensure we captured this milestone perfectly. Our photo gallery was exquisite and delivered to us so quickly..."

-Andrea, LMP Senior Mom

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