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Sentimental Senior and Family Photographer based in Glen Allen, VA

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a personal post. I try to stick to the pretty portraits around here, but I’ve been receiving an overwhelming number of questions regarding my business and my new, very part-time status as a hospice nurse. I didn’t realize many of you cared so much and I greatly appreciate your support. I guess after 12 years in business, people know me mostly as a photographer. I’m still receiving tons of questions about VIPteam, which I posted about those changes last year, but I’m here to answer them again and more in depth. Here’s what’s changed, and really hasn’t, in the last several months:

If we’re friends on social media, you may be aware I accepted a very part-time (PRN) position with a local hospice. I’ve been a RN for over 17 years. I’ve worked in various capacities, but had to leave nursing in 2017 when we chose to homeschool for a period of time. I always planned to go back when the time and opportunity was right. Hospice has been quietly calling my name for a long time and I’m finally here! I’m able to make my own schedule and work as little or as much as I want. WIN!

If balanced right, you can absolutely have 2 careers. I held a nursing position for many years while carrying a full-time load as a photographer. I’ve had several concerned emails from clients wondering “Are you closing!?!” and that’s absolutely not the case. I actually debated sharing about my new job for this reason, but I’m happy with how I balance my time between both loves. 🙂 Photography is here to stay in some capacity as long as I’m able!

Another secret: I’m back in school. I want to further my nursing education so I began online classes earlier this year while our son was home still in virtual learning. We both sat at the kitchen table doing school together and that was really fun for a while…until Noah started summer break. Lucky kid. I hope to finish in the next several months, cause college (again) in your 40s is for the birds. Gross. I’m sucking it up and pushing through. Pray for me.

VIPteam: I retired my VIPteam with the Class of 2021 due to many reasons I spoke about here. I LOVED my years with my VIPteam seniors, but for professional and personal reasons above, it’s no longer feasible. The huge plus side to this decision is EVERY SENIOR who books will still be offered additional fun sessions, such as my coveted winter snow and cap and gown grad celebrations! The biggest change is there is NO application process during your junior year…just book a senior session and you’ll be invited to all of them! Have your friends book a session and they’ll be invited, too! (Past VIPteam seniors were required to book a session to participate in all the extras, so this is not a change.) Everyone wins!

Have these circumstances affected my availability? The short answer is yes, a little. The long answer is a bit more complicated. I also need to find a good balance of my time, so instead of 3-5 sessions per week, I’m sticking to 1-2. I will be extending my fall season a couple weeks and starting my spring earlier for this reason. 😉

Office Hours. Yes, these are changing. I used to have designated Monday – Thursday hours and would be available to answer calls during those times, but working as a field nurse some days will change this. Email is the best way to get in touch as it keeps me super organized. Facebook and Instagram messages don’t always show up in my inbox or get lost, so one inbox for email is best! Y’all know I’m super fast at responding: info@lauramatthewsphotography.com.

With all that, I want to say thank you! I happen to know and work with such sweet people. Thanks for caring and for your concerns, good wishes, and nudges of support.


With love,

Laura Matthews, RN, Photographer, Business Owner, Student (oh, yes, mom & wife, too!) 🙂

senior, richmond, glen allen, laura matthews, high school, downtown, rustic, classic

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" Laura was easy to work with, flexible, and so artistic. Working with her was a great experience..."

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