Or learn on your own!

I'm a self-taught photographer who admits I often learned the hard way. I've decided to share my knowledge in an effort to help others not only take better images for themselves, but to create heirlooms for their family.

What's different about my approach to photography education is I love teaching the rules AND that it's okay to break them! I encourage my students to develop their own style. I give you the tools you need either by an in-person workshop or by providing tried-and-true resources. There's no secret weapons to creating better images, you must learn and practice! 

I'm excited to share multiple decades of knowledge and almost 10 years of professional experience with my community!

The Sentimental Photographer Composition Workshop

A three hour composition workshop for the beginning or learning photographer. This course teaches composition, which is WAY more important than the type of camera in your hands! No dSLR required. Includes lecture time and downloadable guide book.

The next workshop is:
Possibly Summer 2020!

Purchase the digital version of the workbook to study on our own!


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