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Sentimental Senior and Family Photographer based in Glen Allen, VA

Meet Laura

We can all agree 2020 was a hard year for everyone. With personal and professional hardships throughout the year, it was awful in many ways. But, 2020 also brought loads of blessings. One of these was in the multitude of rainbows. The way the light fell on my lens during so many sessions was incredible! Rainbows are particularly special to me. I colored and drew a lot as a young girl and it was often rainbows, butterflies, and pretty houses with smiley-faced sunshines. I’ve always loved vivid color and I believe that love is still present in my images today.

The rainbows in all the images I created this year are absolutely a phenomenon of light refraction and lens flare at just the right time. Some photographers may see them as flaws or artifact, but I only see them as magical elements. Here’s to catching more rainbows with you in 2021…enjoy a few of my favorites!

And a personal favorite…

senior, richmond, glen allen, laura matthews, high school, downtown, rustic, classic

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-Beth, Family Client and Mom to two LMP Seniors

" Laura was easy to work with, flexible, and so artistic. Working with her was a great experience..."

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-Amanda, Stepmom to LMP Senior, Ayrin

" I hope I get to work with you again someday. You are truly talented..."

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"Laura went out of her way to make sure my daughter felt comfortable and to ensure we captured this milestone perfectly. Our photo gallery was exquisite and delivered to us so quickly..."

-Andrea, LMP Senior Mom

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"The photos definitely represent the best version of myself and give me a great boost of confidence..."

-Abigail, LMP Senior

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