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Meet Laura

If you know anything about my journey, you know a photography business was never in my plans. I was a Registered Nurse (still have my license!) and working in critical care when my business snowballed out of nowhere. Retrospectively and to others, it may seem as though I hit the ground running and took off like the Banshees from Avatar. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

When I left hospital nursing in 2011, I instantly found more time to build the business I started in 2009. Sure, I was shooting sessions, but definitely not at the pace or price point I’m at today. What I was really spending most of my time doing was figuring out HOW to build my business. There was a lot of trial and error, websites, blogs, tax laws, social media experiments, etc. There was a lot of changes to my shooting and editing styles, too.

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During that time, I surrounded myself with small business owner and photographer friends. Some of them had what I thought was instant success. Some had literally built empires and were teaching sold out workshops. I adore these people. So, I began to think maybe I needed to do similar things. However, not all of those things were ideal for me. I couldn’t make wedding photography fit my family schedule and do 70 portrait sessions a year, I wasn’t a workshop teacher, and I didn’t have a desire to design for other photographers. I knew the things I did well, portraits, families, seniors, but didn’t know how to ONLY focus on them.

business, mentor, mentoring, laura matthews, richmond, glen allen, photography, getting started

I’ll have been in business for nine years this fall. I can assure you these years have been ones of very s l o w growth and LOTS of trial, error, and tears. And heck, I haven’t figured it all out! The day I stop growing and learning should be the day I put away my camera. I’m fairly certain that won’t be for quite a while.

Thank goodness for slow growth and time to build a strong foundation! I’ve learned incredible patience and perseverance, lessons I hope my son picks up on one day! I know what makes my business uniquely my own. I know what works and what doesn’t for my clients and family. I also feel like I really appreciate success when it comes!

If you feel stuck in a season of slowness, try your best to be grateful for it. It’s during these times you’ll make your best mistakes and learn the greatest lessons that will put you in perfect alignment for YOUR kind of success! Need a helping hand? Mentoring sessions are back and I’m excited to help cheer you on! Read more about my mentoring sessions HERE!

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-Beth, Family Client and Mom to two LMP Seniors

" Laura was easy to work with, flexible, and so artistic. Working with her was a great experience..."

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-Amanda, Stepmom to LMP Senior, Ayrin

" I hope I get to work with you again someday. You are truly talented..."

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"Laura went out of her way to make sure my daughter felt comfortable and to ensure we captured this milestone perfectly. Our photo gallery was exquisite and delivered to us so quickly..."

-Andrea, LMP Senior Mom

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"The photos definitely represent the best version of myself and give me a great boost of confidence..."

-Abigail, LMP Senior

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