He has made everything beautiful in its time.
   Ecclesiastes 3:11

I've photographed almost every genre, but I've spent the last several years working exclusively with high school seniors and families. My on-location portrait style is full of light and rich color, although I'm also a big fan of a grainy, sunset-lit captures. My senior sessions are a mix of casual posing and in-between moments. My lifestyle sessions are a bit more raw and take on a cozy, soft feel. Since I'm self-taught, I'm not afraid to throw the rule book out the window to create my own art!

I'm thankful to have the support of hundreds of clients who return year after year because of my fun and relaxing approach to portraits. The relationships I've formed continue to bring so much joy to my heart. Thank you for supporting my passion!

Before launching my business full time, I worked as a 

I'm obsessed with Mexican food and am truly happy when it ends with

I binge watch veterinary medicine shows on Animal Planet and Nat Geo!

We live in rustic Glen Allen which includes dogs, chickens, gardens, tractors, fields, and wildflowers are coming soon!

I was baptized in my childhood church at age 18.

Matthew 25:23

I still hold a valid license and do volunteer work. Feel safe!

Registered Nurse!

Fried Ice Cream!

Jesus Saves Y'all!

Dogs bring me joy!

Rural Life.

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