Photography was an interest from a very young age. When visiting my grandparents, I would pour through dozens of their photo albums. I loved the feel of old photographs and the stories they told. Photographs were art to me and I wanted to create my own. At some point I was gifted a pink and purple 110 film camera. I remember sitting on the floor in my playroom, dressing up Barbie, and meticulously photographing her wedding to Ken. I'd easily go through a roll of film in 5 minutes, begging my mom to quickly develop my masterpieces. I soon moved on to living subjects, such as my little brother (sorry Mike)!
     Fast forward to after college graduation, I married Tim, a handsome railroad gentleman with the prettiest blue eyes. Our precious pups and a sweet baby boy helped me find photography again. I purchased my first dSLR and with the instant gratification of digital, my creativity exploded! Very quickly, I started to take photos for friends and family. While working as a critical care RN at St. Mary's Hospital, a little side business snowballed! Laura Matthews Photography was born in the fall of 2009. I left hospital nursing in 2011 and began to focus on growing my business. While I still hold a valid nursing license (feel safe!), my business was the was the best career decision I've ever made!

passion inspires an unplanned career

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
   Ecclesiastes 3:11

While I've photographed almost every genre, I've spent the last several years working exclusively with high school seniors and families. My on-location portrait style is full of light and rich color, although I'm also a big fan of a grainy, sunset-lit captures. My lifestyle sessions are a bit more raw and take on a cozier, softer feel. Since I'm self-taught, I'm not afraid to throw the rule book out the window to create my own art!

I'm thankful to have the support of hundreds of clients who return year after year because of my fun and relaxing approach to portraits. The relationships I've formed continue to bring so much joy to my heart. Thank you for supporting my family!